The science behind NIPT by GenePlanet test

Free cellular DNA fragments (cfDNA) are short circulating DNA parts. In pregnancy, mother's free-cell DNA and fetal DNA fragments are found in the mother's bloodstream.

A NIPT by GenePlanet test requires a sample of the mother's blood. With the state-of-the-art genetic sequencing technology and advanced bioinformatics logarithms, we then analyze free-cell DNA in the mother's bloodstream and detect the chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus. If abnormalities are present, a small surplus or deficit is detected when counting particular chromosomes.

NIPT by GenePlanet technology provides very accurate results with the detection rate higher than 99 % for the three most common trisomies present at birth (Down, Edwards and Patau syndrome). However, it should be understood that non-invasive prenatal tests are screening tests, which means they are not 100 % accurate as invasive diagnostic procedures, such as amniocentesis.

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During the COVID-19 the testing and sample analyses remain safe and do not represent any risk for the fetus.

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